Why Network Advantage?

Companies made more than 42,000 alliances over the past decade worldwide, many of which failed to deliver strong results.

Network Advantage explains why and how you can seize the benefits from your business’ network of alliances with customers, suppliers and competitors.

This network can provide three key advantages:

  • superior information
  • better cooperation
  • increased power

The book shows how awareness of these three advantages can help align your portfolio of alliances with your corporate strategy to maximize advantages from existing networks and to position your business as an industry leader.



“With detailed and thoroughly researched case studies the authors show how to take a systematic approach to the portfolio of networks and alliances.”

Financial Times (read full review)

“All in all, Network Advantage is an essential read for start-ups and seasoned entrepreneurs alike”

Elite Business Magazine

“A fresh perspective on how all firms can benefit from their alliances and partnerships.”

Stein Ove Fenne, President, Tupperware U.S. & Canada

“Practical, jargon-free, evidence-based book”

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
and co-author of The Knowing-Doing Gap

“I highly recommend this book.”

              W. Chan Kim, The Boston Consulting Group Chaired Professor at INSEAD and co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy 

“Every CEO, executive and entrepreneur who are collaborating with other firms ought to read.”

Morten T. Hansen, Professor at University of California at Berkeley,
author of Collaboration and co-author of Great by Choice