“Companies’ connections to other firms—their network of alliances—matter for economic success.  In this practical, jargon-free, evidence-based book, three experienced scholar/educators provide practical tools to understand your company’s network positioning and what to do to build webs of relationships that provide competitive advantage and economic value.”

Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
and co-author of The Knowing-Doing Gap

“Network Advantage presents compelling ideas and is a must-read. It articulates three different perspectives to think about a firm’s network advantage and shows how a firm can maximize the value of its alliance network. The book is filled with theoretical and practical insights on the topic and offers captivating case studies to illustrate its key points. It is fun to read. I highly recommend this book.”

W. Chan Kim, The BCG Chair Professor of INSEAD
and the Co-director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute

“In this eminently researched book, the authors show how executives and entrepreneurs alike can unlock the value of alliances. And the book comes with some “secrets” to success that most managers overlook. Every CEO, executive and entrepreneur who are collaborating with other firms ought to read this book.”

Morten T. Hansen, Professor at University of California at Berkeley,
author of Collaboration and co-author of Great by Choice

“Don’t compete alone! Network Advantage provides a fresh perspective on how all firms can benefit from their alliances and partnerships.  The authors seamlessly integrate academic research and real life examples into a practical step-by-step guide for unleashing the power, information and cooperation advantages available in networks. A must-read for thoughtful executives and entrepreneurs alike.”

Stein Ove Fenne, President, Tupperware U.S. & Canada

“Having the “right” business network is everything for a company’s success in Asia and worldwide. With its rich cases and practical tools, this book is an indispensable guide for a thoughtful executive on how to design, build and manage a network that will make your firm globally competitive.”

Yong-Kyung Lee, Former CEO of Korean Telecom, Member of the Korean National Assembly 

“Alliances and Partnerships, in their various formats and guises, are the bridges that allow businesses to thrive in their ecosystems by leveraging each other’s strengths. The authors show how those bridges, when used appropriately, can help your firm create an alliance network to enhance your business power. The book contains many examples and models to help you shape your own alliance strategy in a world of ever increasing co-opetition.”

Ricardo T. Dias, Strategic Alliances Director, Hewlett Packard (HP) Software, Asia Pacific & Japan

“This is one of the best written guides for creating alliance networks that are needed for success in highly global, complex and competitive markets. It provides not only valuable academic concepts for building and developing networks, but also sound practical ideas on how to jointly develop value with partners. A must read.”

Jean-Christophe Visentin, Head of Strategic Alliances, Orange Business Services.

“In an increasingly globalized world, companies are faced with a growing number of challenges- new regulations, disruptive technologies and evolving value chains. These are impossible to tackle alone and require learning how to cooperate with others. The tools, anecdotes, cases and lessons from Network Advantage would be handy to CEOs and corporate strategists who are looking to make alliances and partnerships a source of competitive advantage for their organizations. This book is a must read.”

Yash Khanna, Director, UK & Europe, Tata Consultancy Services

“In today’s world, cooperation is an important driver of business success.  Yet in the excitement following the announcements of new alliances and partnerships, executives often approach them without a truly strategic view of how they fit with their companies’ long term goals.  The nottobe missed insights, ideas and  tools  contained in this book will help all executives not only to ensure that each and every alliance they form has a solid foundation, but also that the entire portfolio of alliances helps their firm to achieve its objectives.”

Julie Wrazel, Ph.D., VP Strategic Alliances, Pacific Nanoscience.

“Although many executives understand the importance of collaboration, they lack the big picture of how all of their alliances and partnerships fit in a coherent whole. Network Advantage does a great job of bridging academic research and practical examples to help companies re-discover their competitive advantage. This is a great guidebook to all senior executives.”

Marie-Noëlle Castel-Barthe, Head of Europe, Sanofi R&D Pharma Alliance,
Management and Partnership Department