The tools

Do you want to sample the tools in the book before reading it? Fill in the form below to receive our free set of self-assessment tools. We highly recommend that you order a copy and read the book first for explanations on how to use these and other tools.

The tool set you will receive includes:

  1. The First Degree Assessment form: Identify a specific strategic alliance which your firm currently has or is planning to have. Evaluate this specific partner in terms of the strategy, resource, organization and culture fit.
  2. The Second Degree Assessment form: Evaluate whether your alliance portfolio is currently hub and spoke, integrated, or hybrid. Determine whether this configuration is optimal given your industry dynamism, your firm’s range of products or services, and your firm’s market power.

The book contains other tools:

  1. The Second Degree Portfolio Adjustment Plan: Develop strategies for making your firm’s alliance portfolio more integrated or more hub and spoke.
  2. The Third Degree Assessment form: Understand the status of your firm and develop strategies to enhance its status.
  3. Build vs. Join form: Not all firms can design a portfolio around them, but instead may benefit from joining the portfolio of another firm. This tool can help you decide whether you need to build your own alliance portfolio or join another firm’s portfolio.
  4. Alliance Portfolio Jigsaw: Generate new business ideas by combining resources and knowledge from different alliance partners. Discussions around this tool can help facilitate communication and knowledge sharing among all executives responsible for alliances and partnerships inside your organization.



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